Monday, 23 April 2012

Grapefruit and Orange Salad

You’d think that having grown up in Malaysia I would have become accustomed to the exotic tropical weather by now.  I still find it a pain to carry an umbrella with me, for you never know when the sun might blaze down on you, nor do you know when the heavens might open up on you, drenching you in an instant.

For the past week or so, the weather has been a lot more temperamental than it is usually. For most of last week, it rained and rained. Torrential rain together with lots of thunder and lightning. Perfect weather to eat lots of comfort food, curl up in bed and watch re-runs of Mad Men. And then Mr Sun decided to come to play.  Hot, humid, sticky weather which requires one to have numerous showers a day, drinking lots of iced water and living in my shorts and tank top.
I always find that the heat reduces my appetite tremendously and more often than not you’ll find me nibbling on little bits of salad or fruit to keep me going. So for days as such, this salad is the perfect meal!

This Grapefruit and Orange Salad is packed full of vitamins and flavour and just bursts with citrus-y goodness! It’s light and fresh and takes minutes to throw together. The addition of pistachio nuts, gives this salad a crunch and contrasts wonderfully with these citrus segments. The mint leaves add a lovely grown up touch to this salad, but if you’re not too keen on fresh mint, leave them out! The dressing is a lovely amalgamation of the excess citrus juices mixed with a small amount of honey which cuts through the acidity of the grapefruit.

So whenever you’re struggling with the heat, wherever you are, think of this salad and whip it up immediately, you’ll be thanking me. Trust me!

Grapefruit and Orange Salad

Serves 2


1 large grapefruit, segmented
1-2 oranges, segmented
A handful of Pistachio nuts
A handful of mint leaves
½ tsp honey

  1. Refrigerate the fruits for a few hours prior to preparation.
  2. Prepare the grapefruit and orange by segmenting it, and ensure that all the grapefruit pith is removed, as it is very bitter.
  3. Save the excessive juice and tip it into a small bowl. Mix the honey with the juice and set aside.
  4. Sprinkle pistachio nuts over the segments of grapefruit and orange and give it a quick mix.
  5. Plate the fruits and decorate with mint leaves.
  6. Lightly drizzle the dressing over the salad and serve.


  1. Sounds so refreshing! I'm the same way in hot weather I don't want anything too heavy.

  2. Your salad is gorgeous! I love all of the color, its such a happy looking dish :) I haven't a grapefruit in forever, I forgot how much I like them! Need to grab a few next time I'm at the grocery store!

  3. This does sound like a perfect salad for the warm weather! And all the awesome flavors, I love the addition of the mint!

  4. Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz ... I have subscribed to your feed and can't wait to see what your next creation will be!

  5. I wish I were struggling with heat. Here in the Andes is rainy season and super chilly. Meanwhile, my friends back home assume it's super hot because after all, I am in South America! AH well, I will have this yummy citrus salad on hand for when it warms up! Love the pistachios you have in there.

  6. I wish it rained more in Spain... this recipe looks delicious!!!!

  7. This sounds so refreshing! I love citrus fruits. I miss living in california where we could grow citrus in the yard. Ah well, here I have raspberry canes on the side of the house but not the same.
    Our weather here has been Unusually warm for our mountain state but no rain, or very little. We hope to get some this weekend, since it is very needed. I just got back from a walk here though and this salad looks like it would have been the perfect lunch to cool off with.

  8. very refreshing salad... beautiful photos

  9. What a beautiful, refreshing salad!

  10. Days like these, I'd like to keep it light and simple. Spring salads, citrus themed baked treats...This looks really colorful and flavorful!

  11. That looks so refreshing, and just the sort of light thing you'd want on a day like that. I recently discovered the awesomeness of mint in a fruit salad, and I'm glad you have, too :)

  12. I can feel the tingling on my tongue. Love the orange-grapefruit flavor with the finish of
    fresh mint. You can't go wrong.

  13. Looks yummy! I recently made a blood orange salad and it was the citrus!