Monday, 2 April 2012

Blueberry Jam Butter Cake with Sprinkles

I am back after a 2 week hiatus due to an ever increasing workload which resulted in me falling ill and had to take a couple days off which in turn increased my work load even more. It’s a vicious cycle I tell you!

So before this hiatus gets any longer, I present you this magnificent cake I made for my cousin’s birthday a few weeks ago. She wanted a tall cake. That was her only request. The rest was up to me. So with the challenge accepted, I made...

A three layer butter cake layered with buttercream and blueberry jam and covered with ombre sprinkles.
Bloody hell, that was a mouthful wasn't it!

Oh before I forget, I have to point out that I made the ombre sprinkles from scratch! It was a breeze to make and I'm glad I've added it to my baking reportiare. It's the perfect way of adding colour to cakes and healthier than the average pot of sprinkles as you know exactly what goes into it! The process is really simple although you do need 24 hours for the sprinkles to dry! However, the storage process is simple - just store it in a air tight container or jar and you're good to go! These sprinkles last up to 3 months which is definitely a plus point!

I used my mother's trusted butter cake recipe which always is a guaranteed crowd pleaser The cake held its shape and paired well with the blueberry jam and plain buttercream. However the one thing I would do differently in the future would be to increase the amount of buttercream slathered on between each layer to create more defined layers and also because everyone loves a huge slice of cake smothered in icing, right?
This was my first attempt at making a layered cake and I must say I think I did pretty good job. Admittedly I did get a bit of help with the frosting from mum because I was certain the layers wouldn't be stable enough because of the measely amount of buttercream I used. There was the fear that I would be left with a horrible lopsided cake which would result is me dashing to the nearest bakery for an emergency birthday cake. I panic too much because the end result was beyond satisfactory and the cake held it shape throughout the night before being devoured in some sort of cake frenzy! Needless to say my cousin the height and colour of the cake and I think so did everyone else!

Blueberry Jam Butter Cake with Sprinkles

Makes one 18 cm round cake


113g self raising flour
113g sugar
113g butter
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

⅛ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp milk

  1. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  2. Add the eggs, one at a time and beat well.
  3. Add the vanilla and milk.
  4. Finally add in flour and mix until incorporated.
  5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 15-20 minutes.
  1. Bake three layers of the cake and leave to cool completely.
  2. Prepare a crumb coat. Start assembly by crumb coating the first layer. Slather on a generous portion of blueberry. 
  3. Place the second layer on top of the jam and cover with crumb coat.
  4. Repeat until the layers are complete.
  5. Now frost the cake with icing of your choice.
  6. Place the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes if you find the icing starts to melt.
  7. Decorate cake with design/pattern of your choice.

PS: I haven't included the recipe for homemade sprinkles in this post but if anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I'll be more than happy do a post on it! :)


  1. Beautiful! And delicious-looking! Great job!

  2. That looks gorgeous! And I am definitely interested in hearing about homemade sprinkles!!

  3. The cake looks so sweet and pretty! Love it =)

  4. What a beauty! I like the shades on your frosting.

  5. First attempt at a layer cake this is how TALL you make; great job indeed!
    Such a pretty color combination.
    Yes please share recipe of sprinkles.

  6. Give yourself a pat on the back. Such a gorgeous looking cake and I am sure it must be super delicious. Well done!!

  7. Oh My! Love this stunning & fabulous layer cake! You've done a good job here even though it's your first! AMAZING! Bravo Nish! :)

  8. Oh my gosh!! This is so beautiful!! I love the ombre colored flowers!

  9. Hooooly wow - that is the most gorgeous frosting ever! Amazingly done. :)

  10. Now THAT'S a cake! And I'm all for anything that uses blueberry jam, since it's one of my favorites!

  11. ah, finally back. I was here and then accidentally closed the file. Your butter cake does look amazing and I really like the the jam inside. Fruit is always better in a cake-yum! Also, I do love the way you decorated this, so I would like to know about making the sprinkles. Great post, also happy birthday to your lucky cousin!

  12. Lovely! I want the sprinkles recipe!!

  13. This is so lovely!! I love the flavors, I love the GORGEOUS it all!! And post about the sprinkles! Fun!

    Ps, you can come make my birthday cake next year. ;-)

  14. Hope you are feeling better and that blueberry filling looks delectable. And, your cake decorating is spectacular!

  15. Fantastic dressing with colour shading and pearl dots. Really cute design, love it :)

  16. I think you are now in the cake-making business! That cake is absolutely stunning!!!

    1. .... and I am so sorry to hear your were sick again :( Take care of yourself, please!!! Not sure what ailed you, but anytime I feel like I'm coming down with something I take Umcka - I love the stuff! I get the powder form which you mix with hot water and I add honey. Soothing and I swear it works!

  17. Wonderful cake! Pop over to my blog, I have something for you!

  18. What a gorgeous cake! It's sweet, it's pink, it's sparkly! It's a dream come true for every little girl (and their moms!) Love it.
    P.S Hope you are feeling better!

  19. Gorgeous cake - u r a professional !! Love it

  20. this looks amazing. I can't even frost a 1 tier cake properly, let alone a 3 tier. This is just gorgeous. I love the little beads you added at the end. GORGEOUS!